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Jewelers in Mantua since 1919 and owners of the first brand of the Province (5MN) the Tosonis are now in their fourth generation; over a century of passionate and rigorous research, of creativity and history for the town of Mantua.

Born under the wings of the Basilica of S. Andrea, the Jewelery is now located in the central Via Roma. A patient work of restructuring and recovery of the ancient furniture from the beginning of the century that belonged to a historic activity; of stationery has allowed us to create an environment with a slightly different flavour: retro but of an amazing modernity.


Historical reference for jewelery lovers, which produces and selects with an always new and original approachthe shop has always had a creative soul.

The company was founded in 1919 by the master goldsmith Gino Tosoni, who was joined by his son Venzio in the second half of the 1940s, who had retired from the Air Force where he had been a pilot officer in wartime. Afterwards he was assisted also by his wife Rina.

Gino's extraordinary ability was inherited by Venzio's son, Luciano, who began his experiments in the field of jewelery with Laura in the 70s. His inspiration and creativity, soon known throughout Italy, rode and often anticipated fashions without ever remaining captivated by them.

The new millenium saw Gaia helping her parents Luciano and Laura and taking the reins of the historical shop.

Today both the laboratory and shop continue the creative activity in the memory of the beloved Luciano and Gaia, thanks to the tenacity and professionalism of Laura and her support staff.

Alongside its silver and gold 5 MN stamped lines, Tosoni has established collaborations over time with important Italian jewelers and artisan companies with an ancient tradition, such as Nason Moretti, Marina and Susanna Sent, Carlo Moretti, Blue Side, Geminiano Cozzi, Giovanni Raspini, as well as with suppliers of diamonds and colored stones which can be packaged in blister and accompanied by gemological certificate upon request.

The offer is completed by objects for the table and the home, silver and unique pieces, collected over many years of activity with passion and foresight.


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The laboratory

Handmade jewels absorb a bit of the soul of those who create them, they arise slowly, like desserts leavened for a long time, and are immediately recognizable for their rounded lines and that warm color that tastes authentic. Born from the hands of man, they can and will always be able to tell a story to those who carry them, a unique, true story that will never be identical to any other.

The activity of the Tosoni Jewelery is always closely linked to that of his laboratory. In fact, the company was founded in 1919 as an artisan workshop: after more than 100 years of uninterrupted activity, the laboratory still plays a fundamental role.

Being artisans gives us the privilege of creating truly unique pieces, as well as to give voice and shape to creativity of the same customers, creating jewelery based on their design.

In a moment of rapid change in tastes and needs, our commitment and our strength are to remain firmly anchored to the goldsmith tradition with artfully made jewels or carefully selected among our historic suppliers such as NICASTRO.

The laboratory makes use of highly specialized workers carefully selected over the years, such as setters, cutters, enamellers, able to create 18 kt gold objects.

We restore, repair and refurbish new and antique jewels and carry out evaluations of individual objects or Heirlooms.

Thanks to the peculiarity of our laboratory, the Lombardy region has awarded us the recognition of "Excellent Craftsman".


Jewelers in Mantua since 1919


artigiano eccellente
artigiano eccellente
negozi storici
negozi storici

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